United Biscuits is well on its way to meeting the green targets it set just over a year ago, the manufacturer has told The Grocer.

The company behind Jaffa Cakes, McVitie's and KP became one of the first food manufacturers to set its own sustainability targets last January.

The targets, which are in line with the FDF's Five-Fold Environmental Ambition, include reducing carbon emissions, waste to landfill, water use, packaging, and transport miles.

UB had made "excellent, tangible progress", claimed UB chief operating officer Jeff van der Eems,

"By making operational as well as behavioural changes we have improved the way we use resources and have reduced waste. "

Andrew Kuyk, director of sustainability and competitiveness at the Food and Drink Federation, said he was particularly pleased that staff from across the company had been involved in creating ideas.