SIR; Joanna Blythman is absolutely correct in her article about fruit and vegetables with slightly unshaped or slightly flawed skin ('End this version of body fascism', Second Opinion, The Grocer, 15 July, p27).

In the 'good old days', greengrocers or traditional grocers would actually tell you that these products had more flavour and more goodness than the supposedly pure, clean-cut variety.

Sadly, our dear supermarkets have tried to tell the customer that what they want is a nice uniform product with a perfect shape and an unmarked skin.

That is totally undeliver­able, which is why the current fruit and veg has no flavour, no vitamins and no goodness in them. Still, they look pretty. The consumer has been totally brainwashed.

Don't tell me this is what shoppers wanted. They have had no say in it. Fact.?