Organic milk producers are calling on health chiefs to encourage consumers to drink their product. OMSCo, the UK’s leading organic dairy farming co-operative, is calling on the Food Standards Agency to recognise the health benefits of organic milk.
It said new research by the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research had shown that organic milk had higher levels of essential nutrients than the standard product.
Analysis showed it contained two-thirds more Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Sally Begnal, chief executive of OMSCo, said: “Sir John Krebs has said there is no proof of health benefits from organic food and drink. Now it unequivocally exists. We invite the FSA to start recommending organic milk as part of a healthy diet.”
OMSCo also said McDonald’s fast food chain
had reported a 26% increase in milk sales since switching its supply to organic less than a year ago. The milk, sold in colourful bottles, comes from cows that do no graze on grass sprayed with synthetic pesticides and are not fed with GM ingredients or routinely given antibiotics.