Duvel, the producer of premium Belgian beer Duvel, is looking at the UK as a serious expansion market for its speciality beers.
The company, Duvel Moortgat Group, was founded in 1871 and produces blond, bottle-conditioned and long fermentation beers.
Sales of the Duvel beer brand have grown strongly in the UK with a 20-30% increase annually in the past four years, according to the company.
Chief operating officer Daniel Krug, said: “We believe the UK is a good market as it is very open to foreign beers and there is already a strong following for Belgian beers such as Stella, Leffe and Hoegaarden.”
The company has already opened a flagship bar called ‘Hell’ in London’s Shoreditch to reflect the name of Duvel, which translates as ‘Devil’ in Belgian.
“We want to increase our off-trade presence through the on-trade and we continue to look at take-home promotions such as offers on our speciality glasses” said Krug.
In Belgium, the company opts to market Duvel through sponsoring art and music projects. It has plans to continue with this strategy in the UK and has already sponsored an exhibition at the London’s Whitechapel Art Gallery.
Duvel is starting its UK expansion by recruiting a UK business manager through recruitment consultant Nigel Wright, which it hopes will lead to the establishment of a UK head office.