Little change on the bacon front this week with prices across the Dutch and Danish sectors remaining relatively static.
Both retail and the foodservice trade are reported to be quiet, although some observers are seeing indications that foodservice in particular is showing signs of picking up, with slicers reporting increased demand and movement ­ welcome news for the Dutch camp.
Despite steady prices, Danish traders are preparing for a decrease at the end of September when the market goes traditionally quiet.
They also report that everyone has slightly more raw materials than orders, although the Dutch are still seeing a stunted offer, with kill levels still at around 200,000 pigs, down from the usual 300,000.
The uncertainty over the offer is making it difficult to predict how the market will shape up over the coming weeks, although there is confidence that levels will rise soon.
The picture is a lot bleaker in the British market. The depression continues with reports of little demand, meaning pig and back prices are still falling.
Traders are describing it as the quietest they have ever known.