EU law covers all food containing rice

British businesses are growing frustrated with EU laws designed to prevent GM rice being imported from China.

Yorkshire-based Humdinger Foods has contacted its MEP over implementation of the legislation, which insists products from China that contain rice must have certification and be tested before entering the EU to ensure they do not contain unauthorised GM organisms.

The testing methodology meant some products were falsely testing positive, Humdinger claimed. It said two of its consignments that tested positive for GM content by the port health authority gave negative results at an independent lab.

The legislation has forced other businesses to source from elsewhere or change plans.

“We have given up several items and projects,” said UK-based importer Tazaki Foods. “This restriction will cause a lot of extra cost and time.”

Oriental food importer JK Foods said there was now a trend for sourcing from Thailand, Singapore or Vietnam.

This week, the EC said guidelines to harmonise testing and reduce the risk of false positives were being revised.