New Zealand Milk is to spearhead an overhaul of its Anchor branded Cheddar range with the launch of a new functional cheese. The newcomer, Anchor Inner Balance, is the first bio cheddar to be launched in the UK. It has the flavour of mature Anchor Cheddar plus increased levels of lactobacillus rhamonus, which is said to help keep the digestive system in balance. It will be on shelves from September and aims to capitalise on growing consumer demand for added health benefits with food. New Zealand Milk said its latest offering brought a new interest to the Cheddar category, and, with a premium price point (£1.89, 500g), offered increased profitability. The company is also sprucing up the rest of its Anchor Cheddar range to welcome the new member. Mature, Extra Mature and Vintage Cheddar all get new packaging which aims to reinforce the brand's free range' message. The 400g size has been given a new landscape format aimed at greater on-shelf impact, while a 200g range will be introduced for smaller households. (One in three Cheddar purchases is for a pack of less than 300g.) The Cheddar range's relaunch is part of a £10m investment across the Anchor brand, aimed at delivering an Anchored in Nature' brand message. {{MARKETING - P&P }}