A £120 bottle of whisky has been added to The Dalmore's luxury collections to create "the ultimate symbol in understated luxury".

The 1263 King Alexander III whisky has been added alongside three other whiskies - The Twelve (rsp £35), The Gran Reserva (rsp £40) and The Fifteen (rsp £45) - to the existing two whiskies launched in early 2007.

"More consumers are demanding the best of everything in every area of their lives," said Whyte & Mackay UK marketing director Nick Gaskin. "Wine and spirits are no different. The Dalmore collection is the finest range of malts in the market, both in liquid and presentation."

The range has also been repackaged to emphasise the brand's heritage and the luxury positioning of the collection, featuring the brand's royal stag symbol, which was granted back in 1263.

The whiskies are currently available in Selfridges and independent specialist stores.