In the run up to Shrove Tuesday the lemon shaped Jif lemon was chosen for our special purchase. The best price was 39p ­ little difference in its price a year ago ­ and several stores were running promotions alongside it. To encourage the annual tossing of pancakes, it came with a free batter mix at both the Nottingham Co-op and Safeway at Anniesland, Glasgow. At Asda, Trafford Park, it was attached to a 12 pack of medium eggs. National Chip Week was also being strongly supported in two stores. Although the price of McCain Home Fries oven chips had come down to £1.25 at Waitrose, St Ives, the price at the Scottish Safeway had been cut to a staggering £1.09 ­ 40p less than last week's shop in Wales. Our Scottish shopper also checked in the cheapest basket with a till receipt at Safeway coming to £37.72. This week's best buys also included The Nottingham Co-op's 30p off sausages, the lowest price for a four pack of Stella Artois at £3.32, and a free 400g pack of Digestives with every pack of McVitie's chocolate Homewheat. Although fewer out of stocks were reported, it was still the freezer cabinets which had the most gaps. {{GROCER 33 }}