Mars UK has redesigned the labelling on its Uncle Ben's sauces range to include Guideline Daily Amounts and improve shelf standout.

The new labels show GDAs for calories, sugar, fat, saturates and salt across all sauces for the first time, following the introduction of front-of-pack labels on its recently launched wraps and stir-fry ranges.

"It's part of our continued programme of putting GDAs across all products," said customer marketing manager Suzanne McFarlin.

GDAs were easier for shoppers to understand than the nutrient levels per 100g that appeared on the text-heavy old labels, she added.

Though the new look labels retained the iconic orange livery, lighter shades and new product photos had been added to help shoppers distinguish more easily between variants, said McFarlin.

"The new packaging aims to improve navigation on shelf and to draw attention to the full range with brighter, lighter colours," she said.