Hobnobs, Rich Tea and leading biscuit brand McVitie's Digestives will be relaunched with 50% less saturated fat after a reformulation of the United Biscuits range unveiled today.

The new biscuits will hit shelves next week.

United said its new recipe, which has been three years in development, comes in response to consumer demand for healthier treats. But there would be no difference in taste between the original and the reformulated biscuits, according to marketing director Jon Eggleton.

“The reason this has been such a long process is that we had to make absolutely sure that we kept the same great taste,” he said. “We carried out extensive sensory and taste testing with consumers to ensure the taste and texture of the new biscuits remains as great as ever."

Eggleton told The Grocer the company currently had no plans to extend the initiative across other brands.