Sir, Your report 'Farmers not seeing pork retail price return' (25 June) points to another example of retailer abuse of power.

Like almost every other pig farmer in this country, I have been losing money for almost a year. The result of the worldwide hike in commodity prices last autumn was to double feed costs the largest element in pig production costs.

As part of our campaign for survival, producers took their case directly to the boardrooms of Britain's major retailers last month. And, at the start of this month Tesco raised their prices of fresh pork cuts. It was followed over the next two weeks by Sainsbury's and Asda.

Unfortunately, pig producers have still not received the increase in prices they need to cover their production costs. So while farmers continue to lose money and consumers begin to pay more, the supermarkets make even more profit.

There is no word to describe that other than profiteering. It is staggeringly unjust and immoral. The government's plans for a grocery code adjudicator may come too late to save many pig producers.

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