Its main sectors include sliced cooked meats, cheese, sausages and bacon, pizza, defined chilled products (such as samosas and satays), curry, rotisserie, loose meat and pastry products and dips. However, the evolving nature of the delicatessen offering makes the market difficult to define. With penetration levels static at 87%, growth comes through an increased spend per visit ­ to an average of £2.38, a growth of 7% on the previous year. This may be largely due to an element of premiumisation within the delicatessen market, as consumers look to prepacked offerings to take advantage of promotions and use the delicatessen counter for more premium purchases. The traditional delicatessen offerings still dominate. Cheese has a 19% share but is declining 4% in value and sausages and bacon with 23% also shows a declineof 2% year-on-year. It is sliced cooked meat with 45% of the value market that is driving the 5% year-on-year growth although it is not matched by volume, declining at 7%. Within the retailers, Tesco leads the market and is also largely responsible for driving the value growth. Butchers, Asda, Sainsbury and Safeway follow, and impressive growth in Morrisons means it is not far behind. Prepacked market Prepacked sliced cooked meats are growing at 2% y-o-y, a performance outstripped by an 11% value increase. Shopping behaviour patterns show there is a switch in volume from loose to pre-packed. Growth in cheese comes from pre-packed, where volume has increased 2% against a decline in loose of 11%. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}