French wine group Val d'Orbieu is developing a wine brand aimed at multiple grocers as part of a £100,000 push into the UK market.

The brand will push its southern French credentials, with all the wines coming from the Languedoc region, where the company -

which is made up of 15 co-operative wineries - is based. There will also be a marketing push to promote Val d'Orbieu's existing brands.

"We are currently undertaking consumer research to develop the project further," said a UK spokesman for the group.

"In terms of activity for our other brands there will be a big focus on our Cuvée Mythique brand and trying to get away from price

promotions to add value to our brands across the board."

Val d'Orbieu is one of the largest producers of wine in the Languedoc region. Its other brands include Reserve Saint-Martin and Muscat de St Jean de Minervois.