It may have been National Vegetarian Week but store staff were found lacking in knowledge when asked to help finding products. Top of the pile was a request for a vegetarian red wine. This was greeted with derision by a number of members of staff, who were unaware that wine can be fined using animal byproducts. An employee in Tesco said "You've been wound up", while our shopper in Sainsbury's said he caused "quite a keffufle" when he requested this, with many members of staff thinking it was improbable, and all pointing him to the organics section. In Asda in Hartlepool the wine list showed vegetarian wine, but it was not marked on the bottles, so staff helped to locate it. Asda in Coatbridge only stocked a vegetarian white wine, but otherwise the selection of vegetarian products was good. Safeway in Abergavenny produced the best basket, with the only omission being 500ml Provamel (it sold 1 litre only). Somerfield sold a number of alternative vegetarian products or different sizes to our list, skewing its number of out of stocks. Linda McCartney had the best distribution of all the specialist brands, but Cauldron Foods and Morning Star Farms are beginning to make inroads. {{GROCER 33 }}