Vimto Soft Drinks has secured the voiceover services of Little Britain TV star Matt Lucas to front a new ad campaign.
The comedian will provide the narration for a new £3.5m campaign featuring familiar animated
brand ambassador Purple Ronnie.
Carrying a 1970s retro disco theme, the ad, which gets its first airing on Monday, shows Ronnie gyrating to the tune of cult track D-I-S-C-O, with the voiceover replacing the lyric with V-I-M-T-O.
The 30 and 10-second ads will run across the major terrestrial channels, as well as satellite stations, and will specifically target “mutual viewing” occasions shared by five to 11-year-old children and their mums. Screenings of the ads in cinemas during the Easter and summer holidays are also planned, while a Vimto ‘Burp Idol’ roadshow will tour major cities.