The market share of low-fat milk has doubled over the past 12 months as consumer interest in 1% fat milk has surged.

In the 52 weeks to 8 August, 311 million litres of low-fat milk were sold, up 166 million litres on the previous year. The market share of low-fat milk which includes skimmed, semi-skimmed and 1% fat now stands at 6.6% of volume sales, up from 3.2% in August 2009 [DairyCo/Kantar Worldpanel].

The increasing popularity of low-fat milks meant liquid milk processors would have produced an additional 4,000 tonnes of cream which is taken out of milk during processing over the past year, according to DairyCo. Sales of cream could therefore become an increasingly important source of secondary income for processors.

The wholesale price of cream rose by 2.43p per litre, to 7.84 ppl, between August 2009 and August 2010 [DairyCo].