>>Soya drinks hit mainstream at Waitrose...drive to tasty, healthy food at Sainsbury

buying team
Dairy free is no longer reserved for vegetarians or those with lactose intolerance. Today the soya alternatives to dairy milk, yoghurt and desserts are fast becoming mainstream purchases for an increasing number of health-conscious consumers. With wider access to information through TV and consumer press campaigns and via the internet, plus the ready availability of good-tasting and ‘light’ products, more consumers are discovering the benefits of soya and the important contributions that soya products can make to health and wellbeing.
Health Brand Manager, Sainsbury
Sainsbury believes that healthy eating is all about taking a balanced approach to your diet and lifestyle and the Be Good to Yourself range has been redeveloped with this in mind. We believe that healthy eating is about having more taste, variety and enjoyment - not less - and in creating a good balance. The less than 3% fat products only make up one of three tiers. The range follows strict brand standards and nutritional criteria. It offers a number of ‘plus’ products such as juice and cereal bars, showing that there is a customer demand for them.
Kristi Knowles