Product offering has become more sophisticated... Active health yoghurts have grown at staggering levels...

Steve Dixon

Trading Controller, Central Distribution - Chill, Nisa-Today's

The market for yoghurts and pot desserts is growing and Nisa appears to be growing ahead of the market.

While yoghurts and desserts are usually monitored and lumped together for market share basis, on the last 52 weeks data we are showing a very healthy 23% value growth on yoghurts and a more modest 5% growth on desserts.

Our product offering has become more sophisticated and somewhat diverse, in line with the consumer becoming both more discerning and adventurous.

Ultimately, the trend we are seeing across all sectors is convenience and single-portion eating, and these are the main drivers to more consumption per capita.

Blandine Stefani

Brand Manager, danone Activia

Health has become the major trend across all food categories with many manufacturers striving to deliver healthier products that have added health benefits or a better nutritional profile.

In the yoghurt category the products that have really driven growth have active health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, supporting the body's natural defences or improving digestion.

The trend over the past few years has been towards healthy products at one end and indulgent products at the other. The growth of indulgent products is pretty static, while active health yoghurts and drinks have continued to grow at staggering levels.

Active health products are great because they encourage daily consumption - significantly improving category sales.