Treasury Wine Estates EMEA formerly Foster's EMEA is launching a new South African wine brand called Wagon Tree.

The new range comprises a Chenin Blanc, Rosé and Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot (rsp: £5), which are, on average, £1.14 pricier than the portfolio of First Cape, the UK's biggest South African wine brand. They roll out later this month.

"The South African category is on the increase and we believe the market is ready for a contemporary premium-quality wine brand at an affordable price," said Rachel Hawes, innovation brand manager, Treasury Wine Estates.

South African wines are growing faster than the UK wine market, at 7% in value and 5% in volume [Nielsen MAT 15 May].

Wagon Tree takes its name from the South African "waboom" tree, whose wood was used by early settlers for the wheel rims of wagons.