The sexy twist to Carling's latest TV ad has led to 40 complaints from parents. They took issue with the ad being shown during the World Cup football matches when their children were likely to see it. It features a man who licks up the Carling spilt by his girlfriend and in so doing cleans their house, but the end frame features the girl in her underwear about to pour the lager over herself. As a result of the complaints the Independent Television Commission has asked the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre to ensure the ad is not shown before 9pm. A spokesman for Coors Brewers said: "As with all our advertising, we are guided by the BACC who ensure advertising compliance with the ITC guidelines and we acted in good faith following the BACC's pre-approval of these Carling ads. "TV airtime buying is based on audience profile and not time of day and is governed by ITC regulations to restrict alcohol advertising during programmes with significant numbers of under-age viewers. "We acted entirely within the ITC regulations when programming the new Carling ad during the World Cup coverage to target a high percentage of our core audience." {{DRINKS }}