Waitrose has introduced a new limited-edition sweeter variety of grapefruit in a bid to kick-start flagging sales of the citrus fruit.

The Jackson grapefruit is a white variety with a fruit punch flavour and a hint of lime, according to Waitrose. Grown in South Africa, it is virtually seedless. Lower levels of naringin, which causes bitterness, mean the fruit is sweeter.

Waitrose had a strong grapefruit market share accounting for over 11% of the UK market [Nielsen] and was in a strong position to promote the new variety, said the retailer's citrus fruit buyer, Jane Goodson. "If consumers try the sweet grapefruit we believe they will be encouraged to try other varieties such as red and pink grapefruits," she added.

Twin packs of the grapefruit (rsp £1.29), sold under Waitrose's Limited Selection label, went into 68 Waitrose stores on Wednesday and will be available until 27 July.