Waitrose has launched a new scheme to make its milk even more environmentally friendly.

WildCare will oblige the retailer's 70 dairy farmers to dedicate 10% of their farmland to wildlife habitats with the aim of improving biodiversity.

The scheme goes live on 23 July, and its logo, featuring a barn owl, will appear on bottles of Select Farm milk.

"Waitrose's Select Farm milk producers have always taken great care of the environment," said Waitrose MD Mark Price.

"The scheme harnesses this enthusiasm by offering a formalised approach to providing habitats that encourage an even greater number of species."

Specialist wildlife advisers will work with Waitrose milk producers to develop farm wildlife action plans, which will include photographs of the farm and how to develop its wildlife habitats on a field-by-field basis. Progress will be monitored regularly to record changes in biodiversity and the results posted online.