Waitrose has become the first supermarket in Europe to sell a new West Australian trademarked pear.
In an exclusive deal with Goldrush Pear Growers Pty (GPG), which takes its name from the variety, it will receive 130 bins of fruit in the next few months. Fruit is already selling at £2.49 for a four-tray pack.
Consultant Ally MacKay, who is responsible for licensing production of the fruit, now hopes to extend to Europe and the US, is delighted with the results. He said Goldrush has several features making it different from European varieties: "It ripens from the outside inwards but stays a crisp right up to the point of consumption. It is exceptionally high in dietary fibre and I have measured soluble sugars readings of 22-23 this season, which is quite amazing."
MacKay said the variety will be restricted so it can continue to make a premium. The 20 members of GPG are bound by a network of agreements that control orchard scale in the desert area where it was found.
MacKay is also exploring opportunities to grow it under license elsewhere, possibly central Spain's Badajoz region.