Waitrose has recalled two batches of its own label Brazilian chardonnay.

The retailer, which issued the recall yesterday via the Food Standards Agency allergy alert service, said it was a precaution because the products may contain sulphites that were not listed on the back of the label.

It has recalled two batches of the chardonnay, with lot codes 509571 and 509643.

The FSA said the products could cause a possible health risk to people with a sensitivity to sulphites and advised customers to return them to their nearest Waitrose store for a full refund.

Waitrose apologised to its consumers and said the quality of the wine was not affected, and any customers without a sensitivity or allergy to sulphites could consume the product.

The retailer launched two own-label Brazilian wines – a Waitrose Brazilian Merlot 2013 Serra Gaúcha and a Waitrose Brazilian Chardonnay 2013 Serra Gaúcha – into 66 Waitrose stores in June.