Complaints about a poster likening the amount of salt in a bag of Walkers crisps to that in a slice of bread have met with a mixed response from the Advertising Standards Authority.

The ASA rejected three and upheld two complaints from consumers and lobby group Consensus Action on Salt and Health. The complainants accused brand owner PepsiCo of being "irresponsible" and "misleading" in a poster and mailing campaign featuring Gary Lineker holding a packet of crisps in one hand and a slice of bread in the other, with the words, "There's now as little salt in here... as there is in here".

The ASA ruled that Walkers had substantiated the comparison between bread and crisps' salt content and that the ads did not imply that the products were especially low in salt.

However, it decided that the implication that the salt content of all Walkers crisps had been changed was misleading, as was the inclusion of GDAs only for adults and children aged over 11.