Fans of powdered egg and weird sugary aftertastes were dancing in the streets as Walkers crowned Builder's Breakfast winner of its never-ending Do Us A Flavour competition.

Away from the crisp-maker's Leicester command turret, however, equally prestigious prizes were being handed out to rival potato chips.

Down in darkest East Anglia, folks were gathering yet again for the latest Salt & Vinegar World Cup staged annually (well, since 2007) in bustling King's Lynn. Seabrook Crisps is the reigning champion of a tournament that is currently rolling into a knockout crescendo and recently bagged a mention in the FT.

Ordinary salt and vinegar Walkers took on the blue-bagged Walkers Squares for a place in the semi-finals - with the four-corner variant trouncing its mainstream counterpart for a place in the last four. Other contenders at time of going to press included Pringles (even though the High Court ruled they're actually cakes), own-label Co-op crisps and Herr's kettle-type things.

Enthusiasts should go to And if Builder's Breakfast wins, you know something's definitely amiss.