PepsiCo is poised to extend its better-for-you Walkers bagged-snacks portfolio with a fourth edition that will hit shelves in autumn.

Jon Goldstone, Walkers' vice president of marketing, said the launch would be "huge with a massive investment", and that the product would be targeted at "naturally healthy consumers".

Speaking at the Scottish Grocers Federation's annual conference last weekend, Goldstone revealed the company's Sensations and Doritos ranges would receive a healthy makeover similar to those recently applied to Wotsits, Quavers and Monster Munch.

The changes will take place in May, which are likely to include a reduction in the saturated fat content and salt levels.

This is PepsiCo's second stab at reviving the ailing Sensations brand, which was relaunched last year with new packaging and reformulated flavours.

Sales of the premium range dropped 8.8% to £78.5m [Nielsen year to 7 October, 2006].