You know a superhero franchise is on the (Bruce) wane when sequels pack in extra bad guys to make up for a lack of plot. Witness Batman & Robin, Spider-Man 3 or the Chilcot Inquiry.

Evil Gary Lineker - more Tanned Man than Sandman - is joined by a C-list Justice League as Walkers jazzes up the terminally drab Kent backwater of Sandwich.

In the rogue’s gallery are the Anderson twins of Baywatch fame and faux-bigot ‘pub landlord’ Al Murray, popular with right-wing dim-bulbs who don’t realise they’re the very people his act is spoofing.

Formula One’s Jenson Button and some fat bloke who used to play for Chelsea are also tossed into this wry and well-executed celeb ensemble, which embodies the notion that if you fling enough glitz at something, it’ll stick. And here, it does.

Like Gotham’s own dark knight, these aren’t the heroes we need but the ones we deserve.