It’s not often Blogof drops the sarcasm and throws its hands up in genuine admiration for an act of grocerial majesty, but today, in a spirit of Obamic togetherness and optimism, is just such a day.

From the outside, it might have seemed that PepsiCo’s campaign to get shoppers to invent a new flavour for Walkers was nothing more than a fun but fairly transparent attempt to drum up some PR. That, however, is simply not the case.

While it’s the Cajun Squirrel that inevitably attracted the headlines and most of the new flavours taste nothing like what they are meant to resemble, one new pack stands out head and burly shoulders above the rest.

Step forward Builders’ Breakfast, which actually, seriously, honestly does taste like an entire fry-up in a single crisp.

It’s the nearest thing yet to the three-course-meal chewing gum in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory – although hopefully the new Walkers won’t engender a Violet Beauregarde-style transformation among those who eat them.

It’s vitally important you get out there and vote. Walkers, we have a winner.