Warburtons Facebook likes

Warburtons is preparing to celebrate 200,000 Facebook likes

Warburtons has claimed it will become the first bread brand to secure 200,000 Facebook likes – despite rival Kingsmill being close on its tail.

Warburtons reckons it will break the 200k mark on its Facebook page this weekend – and has already created a giant Facebook ‘like’ thumb out of loaves of its bread to mark the event.

It will be sharing the image on Facebook along with a time lapse of the build using Instagram video, and is giving away 200 prizes to Facebook fans over the next week. The baker also plans to replicate the product thumb activity in high-footfall stores over the next month

As of noon today (Friday 6 September), Warburtons had 198,662 likes – but Allied Bakeries’ Kingsmill was fewer than 1,000 likes behind it at 197,802. Hovis, meanwhile, had 154,654.