Campbell's Condensed, the iconic soup brand whose world-famous red and white labelling was immortalised by Andy Warhol, has been axed by Sainsbury.

A spokeswoman for the supermarket said the move reflected "falling demand" for the range. She added: "It is a declining brand, and condensed soups only make up a very small part of our overall soup sales as they are mainly used as a component to recipes."

Campbell's Condensed was eighth in The Grocer's Top 20 soup brands in our 2005 Top Products Survey, but its sales were down 7.4% to £9.9m [ACNielsen].

Sainsbury has now replaced Campbell's with Crosse and Blackwell, which is owned by Premier Foods, which has been linked with a possible acquisition of products made by Campbell Soup Company, which makes the famous soup under licence in the UK.