Summer came early for grocery as temperatures topped 20C last weekend.

Morrisons' shifted 668% more burgers from meat counters than it did the previous weekend and 1,000% more charcoal.

Tesco reported three-fold growth on handheld ice-creams. "This is also our first big week for British strawberries," a spokesman said. "We expect to sell 50% more than the same period last year."

Compared with a normal April weekend, Asda sold 60% more sausages averaging 500 sausages a minute while rosé wine was up 50%. In non-food, Asda reported an increase of 60% on garden furniture compared with a normal April weekend, while Tesco said sales of its ladies' swimwear, maxi dresses, footwear and beach bags "lifted significantly".

"Supermarkets more than any other sector are very susceptible to weather patterns," said senior analyst at Verdict, Malcolm Pinkerton. "When it's very cold, stews and soups rocket and when a weekend in April is warmer than normal people rush out to buy ice creams and barbecues."

Last month, forecasters Positive Weather Solutions predicted "stifling temperatures" this summer.

"It's very good news for supermarkets," said Pinkerton. "Items such as barbecues will get a one-off boost, and, if it continues, even fans and paddling pools. A very hot summer combined with the World Cup is going to see shopping patterns change as people will spend more frequently and buy more premium products."