Food waste

Sir, It is fantastic to see more household brands signing up to the Courtauld Commitment 2025 (‘24 more commit to Courtauld,’ 9 December, p8). It’s important that initiatives like this gather pace so that we can address the excessive resource needed to supply the UK with its food demands.

Consumer-facing brands have a responsibility to assess how the offers and pricing structures introduced can encourage food waste in households up and down the UK. For years, price promotions like ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ offers and multipack deals have been used to increase the volume of units sold per purchase. This in turn leads to a surplus of food in homes and in supermarkets, and an unnecessary burden on the source of our sustenance.

Instead of focusing on promotions that encourage high volume purchases, brands need to think more strategically about creating added value for the customer to increase longer-term loyalty and repeat purchases. The less we chuck in the bin, the more we help with sustainability.

Chris Baldwin, director of consumer promotions and loyalty at Sodexo Engage