A Jamaican-brewed stout is on its way over to the UK, having recently joined the portfolio of a major Afro-Caribbean food and drink distributor.

Wholesaler Wanis has secured a long-term deal to become the sole UK distributor of the Jamaican Dragon Stout, as well as malt drink DG Malta, from the same country.

The distributor said it believed the Jamaican food and drink market was tipped to be the next big thing. MD Sanjay Wadhwani said: "Dragon is a truly great brand - Dragon Stout appeals to both the core ethnic base, as well as consumers from other backgrounds. More and more people are travelling to the Caribbean and returning home with a taste for Caribbean food and drink."

The 7.5% abv stout, which comes in a 284ml bottle, was first brewed in Jamaica in 1920 by Desnoes & Geddes.

"Dragon Stout represents a link to a life that is rooted in ­heri­tage and all that is genuinely Jamaican," said Wadhwani.