from David Curry MP, chairman, Dairy UK

Sir; I strongly refute accusations that the cross-industry body is standing on the sidelines on milk pricing matters (The Grocer, September 24, p56).
Everyone in the industry knows we cannot be a price-fixing cartel. If we tried, the Competition Commission would be on us like a tonne of bricks.
We are exploring structures for price determination and creating a forum where we can have debate between all sides of the industry so everyone can make a decent living from milk.
To describe our action in relation to WTO talks, CAP reform, competition and environmental arrangements and regulations covering food and nutritional labelling as sideshows is to fail to understand the range of challenges the industry faces.
I have already said that the industry has too great a proclivity to engage in in-fighting and we have seen this illustrated again. I represent dairy farmers and understand the frustration and despair many are feeling at the moment.
I want Dairy UK to address these problems. We must do so in a way the law permits and in frank and constructive discussions which are not instantly turned into points of public confrontation.