from John Rutherford, chief executive, Seafish

Sir; The message for consumers from the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution report is they should keep eating fish.
Recovery measures have been put in place in the last three years, such as a 34% cut in the Scottish white fish fleet. These need time to take effect.
Management has included mackerel boxes to allow juvenile fish to grow, no fishing in mussel beds and restrictive cod fishing areas. As a result we expect to see an increase in quota in the forthcoming year and stocks of haddock are at a 30-year high.
The radical recommendation of the RCEP report to close down much of the UK coastline would have a devastating impact on the fishing industry and the communities that rely on it. If these go ahead, there will be no industry left to take advantage of EU fishing opportunities.
Seafish has invested £750,000 in fisheries development to investigate environmentally friendly fishing methods.We are working with the BSI to accredit, from this year, fishermen who catch responsibly.
There are more than 100 species available to us in the UK. To lessen the demand on traditional seafood, consumers should be more adventurous.