Our pricing strategy is to offer all sun protection factors - from 4 to 45 - of comparable size and packaging format at the same price. We've kicked off the season by slashing the price of 200ml Ambre Solaire Moisturising Proection Milk SPF45 and Nivea Sun Moisturising Sun Lotion SPFG4 to £4.12, from £6.48. Sprays, slightly more expensive, are down to £5.38. Equalising the price across the protection factors has had a fantastic impact on sales. We take the same approach with Asda brand, which has been rolled back to £2.66 from £3.98. This month we're bringing in more new Asda brand products, including disappearing colour sun protection for kids, and an aftersun with insect repellent. Self-tanning is a big growth area. Last year we added an aftersun with tan maintainer ­ a fake tan formulation ­ to Asda brand which has done well. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}