Milk bosses have called on the dairy industry to abandon its victim mentality and start to think positively.

They also called on farmers and processors to adopt an international mindset in a bid to maximise commercial potential in the future.

David Curry MP, chairman of Dairy UK, told delegates at a conference yesterday organised by the trade body: “The market place is global. There is no such thing as a comfortable domestic market. The industry must cease its occasional temptation to think of itself as a victim and believe in itself as a victor.

“It is clear that to build a better future we have to focus on better arrangements for marketing raw milk, achieving greater market competitiveness through consolidation, exploiting market opportunities for product innovation and exceeding the performance of our competitors.”

Jim Begg, director general of Dairy UK, said: “With the gradual removal of all our traditional protection, without a shadow of a doubt, our future is going to be one of much more intensive international competition.

“So just like every farmer and dairy company who operates overseas, we have to think internationally, and we have to prepare for our future with an international mindset.”