Sir; All the supermarkets are forever banging on about customer service, so you'd have thought that buying bread would be a simple enough endeavour. Not at the Hove Sainsbury, where I and three others ended up berating a supervisor for not having any farmhouse-style large wholemeal loaves left. It was my third time of complaining in as many weeks, and another irate customer's second time. According to her, the manager had previously made the excuse they'd run out of bread tins. We were all shopping at peak time ­ 12 on a Sunday morning ­ and the supervisor was insisting that they'd baked loads that morning. The store is obviously adhering to the old adage that although there were loads of people complaining, they had to keep telling them that there was just no demand for it. But if Sainsbury can't get a simple thing like the availability of fresh bread right ­ what chance does it have with all its other problems? M Tugwell Hove {{LETTERS }}