Sir; On behalf of No Catch ...Just Cod, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our customers, distributors, suppliers and retailers for their messages of support in the wake of the media debate on organic standards for cod.

As a company that has worked hard to ensure every journalist has access to further information on our operation, via speaking to its management or independent bodies such as the Organic Food Federation, RSPCA and Marine Conversation Society, or visiting our educational website, we hoped any debate on organic standards and associated questions about fish welfare would, at least, be balanced and informed.

This was not to be the case and I was reminded by the Daily Mail that facts do not often stand in the way of a good story. A better story would perhaps investigate why the Soil Association refuses to provide us with organic certification but then gives us a Silver Award for Best New Organic Product in 2006.

Of greater concern to me, my team and everyone involved with No Catch is that, as founders of a sustainable alternative to endangered wild cod stocks and pioneers of ground-breaking aquacultural techniques, we continue to lead by example. This means not only monitoring the welfare of our fish but also providing them with a good quality of life.