a first in snacks Simon Mowbray Weetabix has scored a first in the cereals arena by putting two of its popular brands into crisp-style bags. The company is attacking the snacking market by giving the new format to Minibix with Chocolate and Weetabix Crrrunch. It plans to back the newcomers heavily as part of a £10m round of support for its entire cereals portfolio starting early in the New Year. Both new boys cost 33p each, come in 40g servings, and can be eaten dry or with milk. Weetabix, which has snubbed the craze for putting popular breakfast table brands into bar formats, said the groundbreaking format for a cereal product had been inspired by Britain's growing culture of eating on the hoof. It also asserted that sitting down to meals was "no longer the norm". Listings have already been secured with Safeway, Morrisons and Somerfield, said the company, while talks with the other multiples are ongoing. Specially designed merchandising cases are also a feature with outers containing 18 individual servings. Weetabix sales director Trevor Hart said: "The cereal snacks sector is in strong growth and although a relatively new concept, the growth figures are very promising. "The sachets take cereals into a different sector and usage occasion, and will drive the cereal market by creating a whole new cereal category for these products. "Snacking has become a national pastime driven by the enormous time pressures many of us are under." {{P&P }}