Weetabix enters the battle of the wholegrain cereals this month with the launch of Weetaflakes, a wholegrain cereal that it claims is high in fibre and lower in salt and sugar than other brands.
Weetaflakes combines the health benefits of Weetabix with the convenience of a flake-style product. It was developed after consumer research showed category growth being driven by healthier products.
The company has also added Alpen No Added Sugar with apricots, dates and pistachios to its wholegrain- rich muesli range.
“The launch is the latest step in the company’s move to ensure we are able to provide healthy and tasty products, underpinned by whole-grain goodness, for all UK breakfast cereal consumers,” said CEO Ken Wood.
Weetabix is the latest cereal company to pin its hopes on wholegrain in an attempt to reaffirm cereal’s image as a healthy breakfast choice.
Kellogg led the most recent charge in the form of Kashi, a blend of seven whole grains, which was launched into the multiples and health stores in April.
From the start of this month all Nestlé cereals, including Cheerios, Shredded Wheat and Shreddies, are being made from whole grains.
Stefan Chomka