Weetabix is tonight unveiling what it claims is the world’s first ‘pay-by-picture’ shopping scheme.

At 7.15pm, during the Emmerdale ad break, consumers will be urged to take a photograph of a Weetabix On The Go breakfast biscuit shown on screen. Shoppers who take the picture to one of 700 participating Boots stores and show it to the cashier tomorrow (23 April) will receive a free pack of four biscuits.

The cereal giant claimed it had become the first company to trial the idea of targeting the UK’s 28.6 million smartphone users with a pay-by-picture initiative.

“There is huge value in people taking pictures of our new products and sharing the images among their friendship groups so we’re excited to be the first company to try this,” said Weetabix brand manager Ben Cooper. “We’re hoping the 55% of people that currently use their smartphone while watching TV will take part in the unique retail initiative, try our new breakfast biscuit and become long-term customers.”

Weetabix hit the headlines this weekend after The Grocer exclusively revealed the supplier had been forced to halt production of Weetabix Minis because of the poor quality of the UK wheat crop.