Exclusive Mary Carmichael Werthers Original Toffees, a chewy version of Werthers Original Hard Candy and the brand's first extension, will join its sibling on shelves from September. The new arrival will be backed by a £5m TV spend in its first six months. It is targeted, like the hard candy, at confectionery fans aged over 35. Owned by Bendicks (Mayfair), UK subsidiary of German confectionery manufacturer Storck, the brand, which the company values at £25m in the UK, was launched only in 1992, despite the heritage-laden tones of its advertising. Advertising for the toffees, which will kick off in September, is expected to have a more modern feel. Three bursts will run through September to December. All packs will carry a new logo, as well as a red band across the middle on the hard candy and a blue band on the toffees. Rsp: stick pack, 30p; hanging bag, 89p. {{MARKETING - P&P }}