Milk is a crazy product at the moment. At one end of the spectrum, you have farmers earning 16ppl for a litre of milk, lower than the production costs, they tell us. So some are cutting their losses by choosing to spray it on the fields. This will at least help to avoid paying for quota overshoot and earn some sympathetic column inches. But at the opposite end of the spectrum, Felix milk has been launched for cats. We are assured the moggies "will lap it up!" Four handy servings of lactose-reduced 2.5% milk in a 200ml bottle, retailing at 59p a time. That is £2.95 a litre ­ the difference obviously comes from the added ash and fibre listed in the ingredients panel, without counting the earnings from selling off the cream and lactose separately for manufacturing. Still confused? Sounds like a good deal for fat cats... {{COUNTERPOINT }}