Brits may be obsessed with convenience, but when it comes to pineapple they are all too happy to spare a few minutes cutting one up, new figures show.
TNS Worldpanel data indicates that value sales of whole pineapple rose 40% to £30m last year, on volumes up 37%.
Although the biggest barrier to purchase remains the hassle of preparation, it is the consistency of the modern fruit that is driving sales growth, said Peter Miller, MD of Del Monte UK, which supplies the Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet Pineapple.
"People are getting an extremely consistent and high-quality product, so there is no risk at all associated with buying a whole pineapple. People know what they are going to get and are never disappointed. "Consumers are accepting there are some things in life worth spending time on. People say cutting up pineapple is a hassle, but it's hardly painting the Forth Road Bridge."
Household penetration has risen from 18% to 24% over the past two years - although Britain still lags well behind the US, where 50% of households buy pineapple. And by comparison, bananas are purchased by 94% of UK households.