Healthy fruit-and-nut snack specialist Whitworths has launched a new brand, set to create a new benchmark in the healthy snacking category.

Love is a range of pure fruit and fruit & nut bars targeted at women aged 24 to 45 who are keen on a balanced lifestyle. It introduces a clear point of difference and sets new standards in the better-for-you snacking market with a brand proposition of 'irresistible goodness'.

Love is offering 10 readers the chance to win £50 worth of its pure fruit and fruit & nut bars.

The Fruit & Nut Bars include Macadamia & Apricot (30g), Almond, Apricot and Yoghurt (35g) and Mixed Fruit & Nut (30g). Hand-made, the range contains 100%-natural ingredients and features no added preservatives or colours. The bars are all gluten- free, low in sodium and a source of natural fibre, retailing in multi-packs of three for around £2.29.

There are three pure fruit bars in the Love range. They are Mango & Pineapple (35g), Pear & Raspberry (35g) and Peach, Apricot & Sultana (35g). Each high fibre bar is made using real fruit pieces, with no added preservatives or colours and containing only natural sugars. The range will retail in multipacks of four at approximately £2.09.

The bars represent the first phase of developing the Love brand, with additional products joining the range over 2008.

For your chance to win, fill in the coupon on page 45.