n Raspberries are a popular soft fruit, being consumed at over 60 million occasions per year. This represents just over 17% of all soft fruit
n Consumption is very seasonal, with over 54% taking place in the summer months
n The evening meal represents the main consumption occasion, accounting for 49% of total consumption
n Lunchtimes are also important as they represent just over one-fifth (21%) of all raspberry consumption
n Three-quarters of raspberries are consumed at main meals, 18% at light meals and only 7% at snacks. In comparison, 10% of strawberries are consumed as a snack
n Raspberries are a more adult-oriented fruit, with children accounting for only 7.5% of all servings. This compares with a share of 14% for all soft fruits and 15% for all fruits
n The main consumers are adult females, who account for over 58% of all raspberries consumed
n Raspberries are often consumed with desserts. 16% with cream, 15% with ice cream, 17% with yogurt and 20% with tub desserts