Organic specialist Kallo Foods is taking advantage of renewed consumer enthusiasm for peanut butter with a debut TV campaign for its Whole Earth brand.

With sales of peanut butter soaring 30% to £69m over the past year [Nielsen 52w/e 20 February 2010], Kallo Foods said it was an opportune time to run the four-week ad push for Whole Earth.

The animated ads highlight the natural ingredients of the 40-year-old brand's peanut butter, and commence this weekend.

Senior brand manager Zoe Howe said the growth in popularity was partly down to the nutritional credentials of peanut butter over other spreads.

"A jar of Whole Earth Peanut Butter is a good source of healthy fats and protein. This, combined with the resurgence of packed lunches, has helped ensure the peanut butter sector overall is growing ahead of more traditional spreads," she said.

Mintec data showed 60% of the value growth of peanut butter was a result of a 15% commodity hike in peanuts over the past year, said Alan Robe, senior brand manager for Premier Foods-owned peanut butter business Sun-Pat.

However, the remaining 40% growth in the category was equally divided between new consumers who were trying peanut butter for the first time and existing consumers upping their intake of the spread, he said.

"A likely reason for new consumers coming into the market is that people are looking for more wholesome spreads, and the good fats in peanuts make it a more popular choice than sweeter options."